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A Positive Light On Betel Leaves

It’s not always the consequences, rather the negative or excessive use of something that make it harmful! This saying can be 98% applicable for mobile, internet, video channels as YouTube, and social networking. Still, I’ve specifically used it for one food item that is quite notorious for being a cause of addiction, cancer, mouth destruction, etc.; In contrast, positive use can be beneficial for health; it’s Betel leaves/betel nuts / Paan, often known in an Asian language, and countries like; India, South Africa, and Pakistan.

The betel leaf when adorned with a bit of tobacco powder, artificial colors, and flavors; then people enjoy it warmly in weddings, casually, or in particular gatherings; In fact, people approach betel nut suppliers for gathering – however, this is a “sometimes” use. But for some it’s a severe addiction with consistent use, this starts creating destruction inside, and lead to several diseases, and illness.

Now, let’s take a look at the positive side! Do you know betel leaves, if used in specific ways, can provide tremendous health benefits? The betel leaf contains Vitamin C, calcium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and carotene properties. According to some research and studies, the betel leaves have been recognized for containing anti-cancer properties along with numerous other health benefits, so let’s shed light on some health advantages of betel leaves;

Betel Leaf is a Good Painkiller

  • Applying crushed betel leaf on the affected area relieves external body pain, chewing betel leaf and swallowing the juice relieves internal pain.
  • Placing betel leaf on the wound and wrapping a bandage over it heals the wound much faster
  • Gently rubbing betel leaf juice on the forehead can cause headaches

Betel Leaf Helps In Digestion

  • The betel leaf normalizes pH levels, cures stomach disorders, and contains anti-oxidant which destroy free radicals in the body
  • Taking betel leaf juice before breakfast, or anytime on empty stomach helps in preventing constipation
  • Boil a betel leaf along with 4 to 5 black pepper in water; the two spoons of this filtered water is the best to cure for indigestion among children

Keeps Your Breathe Fresh

The beetle leaves can kill germs in the mouth, cleans the mouth, helps in preventing tooth decay, and strengthen the gums. Also, you can mix a drop of betel leaf oil with warm water and rinse your mouth to prevent oral infections.

Best Cure For Respiratory Disorders

  • Betel leaf helps in curing cough, cold, and helps in relieving asthma. Apply mustard oil on betel leaf, heat it, and place it on the chest to clear congestion
  • Alternatively, you can also boil betel leaf in water, add cardamom, cinnamon, and use it as cough syrup. Take this syrup thrice a day for curing cough, and even bronchitis

Betel Leaf is Diuretic

  • Betel leaf is a diuretic and is also used in treating diabetes.
  • Crush a betel leaf to extract its juice, then mix it with diluted milk to clear urinary blockages

Helps in Treating Skin Conditions

  • Betel leaf has anti-microbial properties which provide relief from allergies, itches, wounds, and body odor. Crush a betel leaf, and add turmeric to make a paste, and apply it to cure rashes, allergies, and skin ailments.
  • To get a glowing skin, and preventing skin infections, boil betel leaves in water, let the eater cool down and use it for washing face on daily basis.
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