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How Coconut Shell Charcoal is Made & What Makes it Useful?

The coconut shell charcoal is the most valuable, yet the hardest part of coconut which is located inside of coconut between flesh and husk by protecting coconut meat. Normally coconut charcoal is created via going through different processes of burning coconut shells from a mature coconut.

The coconut shell is mainly used for making active carbon. The coconut shells were used to be considered agricultural waste, but today they’re processed into biofuel for barbecue in countries like Thailand. The coconut shell charcoal suppliers there convert the shells into briquettes which cleanly burn for an extended period

Throwing away these shells would be a real waste of energy. Instead of ending up as landfill coconut shells are being used to fire the grill processed into briquettes that burn virtually smoke-free. The shells are now considered a useful resource instead of garbage.

How Coconut Charcoal is Made?

Converting coconut shells to charcoal starts with a partial combustion process inside brick igloo style kilns which creates a burning environment that allows the shell to be carbonized, but doesn’t reduce them to ash

The kilns are partially underground, the surrounding soil helps to seal the fire, this keeps the air level down for a slow smoldering burn a worker brick up the kiln door, and seals these bricks with mud instead of cement, this allows the door to be dismantled later without ruining bricks preserving them for reuse in the next burn

From the top, they ignite the fire using soft wax as a starter. Due to limited air in the kilns, the fire burns out after 20 to 24 hours, a worker takes the door apart and rakes the charred remains of coconuts shells into the basket, as they’ve been finally converted into rich charcoal.

They keep blackened shells into a pile and under the intense sun moisture from water used to extinguish any hotspots. The charcoal dries out and breaks easily. Now it’s ready to be processed into briquettes.

Best Uses & Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

The coconut charcoal shell is beneficial since it can be used for making different skincare products such as;

Coconut Charcoal Soap due to its amazing moisturizing and purification qualities, coconut charcoal is used for making soaps that are sensitive and quite beneficial for facial skin

Teeth Whitener it can be used as natural teeth whitener which gives an amazing result. Those who’re having dark and yellow teeth can use coconut charcoal to brush your teeth and you can get instant result from this

Food Industry Due to high heating capacity, it’s widely used for barbecue as an alternative to normal coal. Because of its smell, most of the food producers in the food industry are now tend to use coconut charcoal to prepare traditional foods and barbecues

Animal Feed The coconut shell charcoal is also used as animal feed for cattle, pigs, and other poultry. According to studies, the coconut shell is used for feeding cattle as it helps in increasing its milk-producing capacity in a high ratio

While for pigs, it is used for increasing weights of it, and able to reduce the diseases and increase the life of pigs and other poultry animals as well

Uses of Coconut Charcoal

  • The strong form of this shell is ideal for making handicrafts
  • They’re also used for making charcoal which is used as fuels
  • These get burn and creates active carbon for multiple uses
  • Coconut shells are used in the kitchen for getting higher heat and a good smell.
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