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Is Briquette Better than Charcoal? How Coconut Briquette is Made?

Where grilling isn’t a pass time, it’s a passion! Today, the coconut briquettes are supposed to be an eco-friendly way of cooking food, this also claims to burn hotter and cleaner than regular cases. However, coconut shells are used to be considered agricultural waste, but today they’re processed into biofuel for BBQ in many different regions. The company in Thailand converts shells into briquettes that burn cleanly for an extended period.

Throwing away these shells would be a real waste of energy instead of ending up as landfill coconut shells which are being used to fire the grill, processed into briquettes that burn virtually, smoke-free. The shells are now considered a resource instead of garbage converting coconut shells to charcoal; it starts with a partial combustion process inside

It helps in creating that burning environment that lets shells get carbonized, yet doesn’t reduce them to ashes. The kills are partially underground in the surrounding soil which helps to seal the fire. This keeps air level down for slow smoldering

The activated coconut shell charcoal is used for numerous applications such as; treating acute poisoning in people, gastrointestinal problems, deodorization, water purification, and purifying air and water, removing an organic substance, solvent recovery, and as a catalyst.

Usually, the coconut shell charcoal briquettes suppliers are approached by industries for effective purifying and deodorization processes

Is briquette better than charcoal?

Well, the lump charcoal burns much hotter and can be made with specific woods which divulge desirable flavors in food. … though both have few pros and cons; yet one thing to conclude is, briquettes can burn more consistently, yet it preserves some additives and produces more ashes

Best Uses & Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut charcoal is highly useful and beneficial in different skin care products such as;

Teeth Whitener – it tends to be utilized as common teeth whitener which gives an astonishing outcome. Those who’re having dim and yellow teeth can utilize coconut charcoal to brush your teeth and you can get moment result from this

Coconut Charcoal Soap – because of its stunning saturating and refinement characteristics, coconut charcoal is utilized for making cleansers that are delicate and very useful for facial skin

Food Industry – Due to the high warming limit, it’s broadly utilized for the grill as an option in contrast to typical coal. Due to its smell, the greater part of the food makers in the food business are present will in general utilize coconut charcoal to plan conventional food varieties and grills

Creature Feed – The coconut shell charcoal is likewise utilized as creature feed for dairy cattle, pigs, and other poultry. As indicated by considers, the coconut shell is utilized for taking care of dairy cattle as it helps in expanding its milk-creating limit in a high proportion

While for pigs, it is utilized for expanding loads of it, and ready to diminish the infections and increment the existence of pigs and other poultry creatures also.

Benefits Coconut Charcoal

  • Coconut shells are used in the kitchen for getting higher heat and a good smell.
  • The strong form of this shell is ideal for making handicrafts
  • They’re also used for making charcoal which is used as fuels
  • These get burn and creates active carbon for multiple uses
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