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Is There Any Other Way to Consume Garlic Except Cooking?

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In cooking, there’s either something sweet like desserts candies, or something hot and spicy like our daily use spices, but can you give any name for something that not only adds taste in cooking but in daily drink tea as well? Something that if used in hot water can be the best cure for cough, and fever, etc.

That is the magic of Ginger! A vegetable with a fast and tangent taste, a unique flavor that brings a zest of tasty spicy flavor. Well, its use is not only restricted to cooking only but there are many different ways to consume fresh ginger in other applications as well.

You can consume ginger in the following ways;

In hot tea People drink gallons of hot ginger tea within fall and winter. However, take a chunk of fresh ginger (don’t peel) and add it to a mug of hot boiling water with a teaspoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon. This makes a perfect winter tonic.

In pan-sears – Almost every sautéed food could utilize somewhat ground or even minced ginger to flavor things up.

Soup – Fresh ginger is used in soups as grated or pureed, it brings delightful zest to hot, and creamy winter soups.

With fish Gingers with fish makes the best combination no doubt! People love spicy ginger with gentle, flaky fish. You must try that ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia recipe; it’s full of flavor, and hardly takes a minute to bake.

In sweet things It’s preparing time, and there are loads of sweet things that are extraordinary with new ginger. Have a go at soaking milk with ginger for these caramels. Or then again attempt ginger hand pies or pumpkin pie.

How to Retain Ginger freshness for a long time?

It’s a universal fact that ginger is a go-to ingredient for adding a tangent, spicy flavor, and heat to a dish, but before adding it to any required cuisine, the main condition is, to pick up the quality ginger. Either you buy china fresh ginger, or any from supermarket grocery, there are certain criteria’s or tips to choose the best ginger

Check out the following tips below;

  • Choose smooth ginger, feels stable in touch, and without any blemishes. The wrinkly skin of ginger reveals that it’s been dehydrating for a while.
  • If you’re a passionate ginger user, then it’s fine to keep it on the counter for a week. It’ll hardly last for three weeks if stored in an airtight container, or a bag inside the refrigerator’s crisp drawer.
  • For longest storage around months, wrap the whole ginger knob in plastic, or freeze it keeping in an airtight bag. Cut a few sections whichever you need for cooking.
  • Pickled ginger will last, refrigerated, for at any rate three months, and solidified ginger for a few months in the storeroom in the wake of opening, as per the Ginger People, a provider of ginger items. Dried ginger will save for in any event a year, however, like any zest, it loses its strength over the long run.
  • Best tip for last – Don’t strip ginger until you’re prepared to utilize it. What’s more, fail to remember a blade or peeler. A spoon scratches the skin directly off.

Role of Fresh Ginger In Professional World

Fresh ginger has gigantic demand around the world, consumers/retailers import and export it everywhere. Some best fresh ginger exporters include;

  • Germany: $9.3 million (11.3%)
  • Spain: $2.3 million (2.8%)
  • United Kingdom: $2.2 million (2.7%)
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