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Why the consumption of blue tea is increasing gradually?

Dried Butterfly Pea Flower Suppliers

Butterfly pea flower is usually known as blue tea. It’s caffeine in herbal tea that’s made from an infusion of the flower petals or even the flower of Clitoria ternatea plant. Well, blue tea has been around in the market for years and years. However, it’s becoming popular and widely available for consumption in stores and supermarkets. Since blue tea is associated with a myriad of health benefits and uses, it’s being purchased by tea lovers all around the globe. This kind of tea was also available in the market previously but lately, it has started gaining popularity very recently.

What are the uses of blue tea and where is it usually found?

The dried butterfly pea flower suppliers ensure that butterfly pea flowers should be used for a plethora of purposes including the flower petals that have been used for making a dye, served as post-dinner with lemon and honey added to it. Adding lemon juice to tea might change its PH level, so the color might change from dark blue to purple. These tea leaves are also used for changing the colors in cocktails.

How to make blue tea?

Like every other tea, it’s exceedingly simple to make the green tea as well. Just place the teabag in a cup and add hot water, you’re all good to go. You can have it in both ways, with sugar and honey, and without it. It’s always recommended to brew this beverage in a teapot instead of in metal. Although, it’s recommended by the dieticians and experts to have blue tea at least an hour before the meal. You can also have it one hour post to the consumption of the entire meal.

What are the benefits associated with blue tea?

Since blue tea contains catechins, they are incredibly amazing in burning belly weight and alleviating body loss. Drinking dried butterfly pea flower with hot water is said to be an effective way of maintaining the metabolism, which in turn makes the body burn more calories in a relatively short period.

  • Blue tea is highly enriched with antioxidants – This is a great beverage that should be included in your detox diet. They protect your body from a free radical reaction.
  • The earthy flavor of this tea is a mood-enhancer. This tea tends to have less busting effects that might also help in reducing the symptoms of anxiety. It refreshes the brain and hence, energizes you to remain happy and active throughout the day.
  • This naturally diuretic drink helps in losing the water weight to a great, great extent.
  • It’s a highly effective tea that regulates blood pressure levels. It’s exceedingly helpful in managing diabetes.
  • According to various researches, blue tea is also helpful in managing various liver diseases.

Well, below a shadow of any doubt, blue tea is a great alternative for beverages like tea or coffee and you might also consume it for alleviating the intake of caffeine.

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