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Black Pepper

HS Codes:  0904.00.00


Density:   550 and 570 GL
Moisture:   12.5%
Admixture:     0.2%  Max.
Stone & Stick:   None
Packing:   25 kgs. in Plastic Bag
Origin:   Indonesia
MOQ:  2-5 MT
Lead Time:    15-30 days after receiving deposit depending on MOQ
Payment:    30% deposit upon order confirmation,  balance by L/C At Sight or bank transfer.



Black Pepper Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

With a versatile experience of 15-20 years, Lintas Era Co. is exporting the finest quality pepper in different countries. We have carved out a niche among the leading Black Pepper Suppliers. We provide the Best Natural Black Pepper, a well-known exotic flavor. After removing all stones and other foreign particles, pepper berries are thoroughly washed in boiling water and dried under controlled conditions until the moisture content is less than 11 percent.

These black peppers are sourced directly from our partner farmers, and the raw pepper is graded by size, garbled, washed, and dried to meet the needs of consumers. Our trusted manufacturers are outfitted with cutting-edge machinery to process bulk quantities of black pepper while maintaining quality and international standards.

Origination of Black Pepper

Pepper is thought to have originated in the hills of India’s South Western Ghats. Apart from its native country, it is now grown in Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Guatemala.

Pepper grows best in hot, humid climates between 20 degrees North and South latitudes, from sea level to 1500 meters above mean sea level. The crop can withstand temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Pepper requires a well-distributed annual rainfall of 125 to 200 cm.

Black pepper is derived from the pepper plant with a smooth woody vine; it grows up to 33 feet in hot and humid tropical climates. After 3 to 4 years, they begin to bear small white clustered flowers that develop into peppercorn berries. Pepper is made from ground peppercorns.

Why choose our Black Pepper Suppliers in USA?

We are fully committed to providing a diverse range of Black Pepper in bulk quantities. It is used in a variety of dishes as well as for medicinal purposes, and our black pepper can be used for a long time and provides complete customer satisfaction. It is widely used in homes, hotels, and restaurants to enhance the flavor of various dishes.

Moreover, we have established a solid reputation in the industry for providing a high-quality Black Pepper. Our skilled professionals use pioneering techniques to process the entire product line. This product is highly regarded for its aroma and flavor. In addition, we sell Black Pepper at competitive prices.

Shop Bulk Pepper Wholesale Online

Being a leading Black Pepper Supplier In USA, this black spice has significant uses worldwide in several cuisines, and we understand that. We always aim to offer quality black pepper of outstanding quality, which has a outclass appearance and natural taste.

However, one of the most significant advantages of black pepper is that it prevents you from eating if you want a salt substitute or spice up your meal; black pepper work as a rescuer.

Unlimited Benefits of Consuming Black Pepper

There are additional advantages to using black pepper; specifically, the piperine it contains. Furthermore, black pepper has historically been mentioned as a treatment.

The usage of black pepper was common in multiple cultures for thousands of years as a medicine. It is a pain reliever, supports digestion problems, and effectively enhances the immune system.

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