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HS Codes : 0907.10.00

Product Description: Cloves  are an aromatic flower buds  used in traditional Chinese medicine and in cooking desserts, bakery, meat, fish and in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.  Our cloves are from the best plantation in Indonesia.


Moisture Comtent: 12-13%

Color:   Brown reddish




Dust and stem:   0.5 Max.

Mold:  0.5%  Max.

Origin:   Indonesia

Packing:  Customize packing in PP bag or Carton box

MOQ:   5 MT

Shelf  Life:   18  moths

Lead Time:  3-4 weeks after receiving deposit

Payment:     30-50% deposit  upon order confirmation ,  balance by L/C At Sight or bank transfer

Shop high-quality clove directly from Clove Suppliers Thailand

Clove is a versatile, aromatic flower spice that is widely used in various food and beverage applications. Lintas Era’s cloves are well-known in the medical field, especially for herbal medication. Clove suppliers Thailand supplies fresh cloves all over the world for several applications. These aromatic flower buds are used in traditional medicine, in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, and the cooking meat, desserts, bakery, and fish, etc. Lintas Era co., ltd is also famous for certified products that are free from artificial or any synthetic fertilizers. We never use any kind of artificial manure or chemical to grow our spices like cloves.

Our high-quality pure cloves are full of flavors and provide several benefits to the users. Our finest cloves’ farmers use traditional methods of earth-friendly farming to provide high-quality cloves to our customers. Our products are inspected by several agencies that are nationally recognized to prove the organic clove authenticity. To produce high-quality cloves, we harvest our cloves production with high fertile soils. We provide a wide range of cloves that includes clove oil, clove dried flower buds, clove stems, clove leaves, etc. at the most competitive price. We export worldwide the finest quality clove with a wide range of specifications and grades according to international market standards.

Looking For a Great Range of Cloves Variety? Look No Further!

Lintas era is one of the leading companies of spice that provides fresh organic cloves. We produce a wide variety of cloves, from the oil to the organic clove stems. These pure clove products are processed from natural clove plants without any chemical involvement. The earth-friendly farming method is used to grow bacteria-free, healthy clove plants. Natural clove leaves, flowers, and stem of the plant is used for the best and beneficial final product. Clove suppliers Thailand is known for its distinctive aroma and flavor in the culinary and fragrance world. We provide pleasing and unique cloves to customers all over the world.

Our cloves versatile in properties as it is high in medicinal properties containing vitamins and minerals, antibacterial properties, and high in nutritional content as well. You can use 100% clove and its products for several purposes. Moreover, we provide online services just for customer satisfaction. We take care of clove quality and similarly care about our services. You can get a high-quality clove at your doorstep without any additional delivery charges and shipping charges. We also accept urgent orders and provide the best services in little time.

Tremendous Health Benefits of Cloves:

The increase in the demand for natural and herbal products and medicines boosted the clove market growth. This clove growth is due to its medical benefits, which are developing economies. Clove is one of the costly spices, widely known all over the world for culinary and medicinal qualities. You can easily buy high-quality cloves from Clove suppliers Thailand at affordable prices. The Lintas era is well-known for spices and prices.

Moreover, cloves contain several important minerals and vitamins, and Clove suppliers Thailand does not add any chemicals in manufacturing, our cloves are high in antioxidants. The use of an organic clove reduces oxidative stress. The eugenol presents in cloves act as a natural antioxidant, which makes it popular in the medical field. Moreover, also beneficial for diet, it helps in improving overall health and reducing fats from the body. The usage of organic cloves, either in the form of whole cloves or grounded cloves provides several health benefits.

  • It helps keep blood sugar under control.
  • It improves the health of the liver.
  • It helps in protecting against cancer and dangerous bacteria.
  • Clove oil and whole clove, both are known as the best remedy for dental pain and toothache.
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