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Coconut Shell Charcoal

HS Code : 4402.90.10

Product Description:  Made in Thailand, High Quality 100% natural raw material from coconut shell, no synthetic chemicals to accelerate the burning process, no harmful additives such as phosphorus, cement, waxes,  Smokeless, No Sparking, Low ash level, Odorless High heat level, high strength and long
burning time.

Material:   100% Coconut Shell
Shape:   Lump
Type:   Black Charcoal
Caloritic (J):   7300
Ash Content (%):    < 3%
Fixed Carbon:    79%
Color:     Black lumps
Moisture:   < 8%

Origin:   Thailand

Packaging:   10 kgs. in 5 layers corrugated  box covered with PP plastic bag.

Loading:   1 x 20’ FCL  13 MT (1,300 boxes) / 1 x 40’ FCL  26 MT (2,600 boxes)

Delivery:      Within 30 days after receiving deposit.

Payment:      50% deposit after order confirmation Balance within 3 days before loading

MOQ:           1 x 20’ FCL    22 MT

Delivery:      Within 3- 4 weeks, depending on cultivate season, after receiving deposit

Payment:      50%  Deposit by bank transfer upon order confirmation. Balance by L/C At Sight or bank



Coconut Shell Charcoal Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

Lintas Era is one of the best coconut shell charcoal suppliers as we have been supplying coconut shell charcoal for more than a decade. We are counted among the top coconut shell charcoal briquettes suppliers because we provide 100% natural coconut charcoal shell to customers all over the world. We offer high-quality coconut charcoal without using any synthetic chemicals to accelerate the process of burning.

Coconut Charcoal

Our coconut charcoal and shell is 100% natural and pure, which does not have any harmful additives like cement, waxes, or phosphorous. Being one of the renowned coconut shell charcoal briquettes suppliers, our products are very famous because of smokeless, low ash level, and odorless high heat level properties. Moreover, our charcoal has high strength and long burning time, so consumption is also low.

We make this coconut charcoal briquettes from mature shells and raw material that we obtain from coconut shells. When it undergoes the production process, the moisture content must be as low as possible to get premium coconut charcoal briquettes.

To make charcoal briquettes we use finest coconut charcoal of that we can easily obtain from coconut shells. We also offer free samples to our interested buyer. This coconut charcoal has several applications like we use it for grilling, shisha, and hookah.

Get 100% Natural Coconut Shell Charcoal At Amazingly Low Price

Natural coconut shell charcoal briquette is hotter and lasts longer than substandard charcoal. It has an amount of fix carbon. As professional shell charcoal briquette suppliers, we make sure to provide the best and pure product so our clients can easily use for household indoor and outdoor both.

Get coconut charcoal at competitive prices that we export in multiple countries. We have many manufacturers that produce suitable coconut charcoal briquettes from coconut shell. If you want a coconut charcoal briquette with less ash content, we are the right supplier for you. Our business is spread in several countries, also we supply products in bulk from different manufacturers for industrial production of other products.

The shipping, manufacturing, wholesale, and packaging is done diligently by our manufacturer partners to have potential buyer or deals in factories. Coconut charcoal briquettes also have volatile matter and ash that use specific energy that works best for fuel and profit our wholesale bulk buying clients. Some of the coconut charcoal briquettes are made for shisha or hookah specifically.

It has great demand in food industries for stove fuel, barbecue, metallurgy, etc. Because of its high-quality and surprising rates. We, coconut shell charcoal supplier, provide briquette in many different shapes and packaging according to the requirements of our shisha or hookah loving clients in india. You can order any shape like a stick, cube, hexagonal, finger, and honeycomb at very reasonable prices and get your order delivered just in a few days.

Why Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Is Better Than Other Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Suppliers?

Our coconut charcoal briquette is solid block charcoal that is made up of coconut shell charcoal. Our briquette is made from coconut shell charcoal that is compressed under very high pressure. Mechanical presses and natural binders are used to mix and mold powder into high-quality briquette products. There is no nitrate, no borax, and no anthracite in our shell charcoal briquettes.

As one of the leading coconut shell charcoal briquettes suppliers, it is our supreme priority to provide pure and top-quality shell charcoal to our customers from manufacturer partners. We also take care of the moisture level of the briquettes and temperature rise, while the compression of the material sufficient to make the moisture in coconut charcoal briquettes suppliers to evaporate. It creates our product drier, which makes it easy to burn. The ash content and volatile properties are also maximum.

The coconut charcoal that our company export has no odor and not harmful for air. It’s perfect for beverage or paper industry. Our manufacturer partner also accepts bank transfer that makes easy to supply coconut charcoal in bulk to Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and other countries.

Being coal briquettes suppliers, we provide all products at a good price with guaranteed quality. We always assure you that our quality remains stable and should be according to the contract. Our company obtain wood charcoal or coconut charcoal briquettes full of features for shisha equipment and ship it directly to other clients. You can contact us for more information related to charcoal briquettes, volatile matter, carbon content and more.

How To Check The Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes?

To check our quality of the product, you can contact us and you can also have our sample to test. Always check the legal entity of the charcoal briquettes factory. We, the Lintas Era is a legal and registered company that offers 100% natural and beneficial charcoal shell briquettes.

For more verification, you can contact us or send price check requests for coconut shell charcoal briquette to other suppliers to compare the prices. We produce pure products and offer comparatively lesser market price with quality guaranteed. Moreover, we also take orders from all over the world. For safety and quality maintenance, we pack our coconut shell charcoal briquettes in 5 layers corrugated covered box with a high-quality PP plastic bag.

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