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HS Codes: 0908.21.00

Product description:Mace is a spice made from the waxy red covering that surrounds nutmeg seeds, found between the exterior fruit and the internal seed, and it takes the form of bright waxy red bands which surround the seed.  It is dried yellow reddish covering.  Mace’s flavor makes as an important ingredient in various dishes to enhance the taste of food.  Mace is one of natural herbs which are useful in medicine and cooking.


Volitle Oil:  15.0%  Min
Moisture: 8.0%  Max
Ash : 5.0%  Max
Acid Insolube ash:  0.5% Max
Origin:   Indonesia
Packing:10 Kgs. in Carton box.
Origin: Indonesia
MOQ: 2-5 MT
Lead Time: 15-30 Days depending on MOQ after receiving deposit.
Payment:    30% deposit upon order confirmation,  balance by L/C At Sight or bank transfer.



 Mace Spice Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

Lintas Era co., ltd is offering standard quality whole mace to worldwide customers. Mace spice exporters supply organic, pure, and procured mice spice. To get 100% organic mice spice in bulk, or urgent delivery of spice, you can deal with Lintas Era Company as we maintain the high standard of spice quality and excellence which has made us a well-known company.

Mace and nutmeg, both spices are different but obtained from single tree fruit. Mace Spice is the dried reticulated aril. It has the bright red and lacy covering, it is removed from its shell and the broken shell parts are called blades. All these processes from the seeding to the grinding process of the mace spice are completely organic and we do not use any artificial flavor or any kind of chemical in this organic mace spice. Due to the raw material’s high quality and efficient checking during the selection and cleaning process of mace spice, Lintas Era mace spice exporters are one of the leading suppliers of mace spice in the world.

Buy High-Quality Natural Mace Spice

Lintas Era mace spice exporters are one of the top mace exporters who have a connection with suppliers directly from every corner of the world. We deliver our products to the order place in our committed time. We offer our customers the high-quality mace spice and our online service is always available for the delivery status updates. You can place your order to get 100% organic mace spice through our online service and by direct contacting us. We also offer high-quality natural mace spice in bulk or urgent orders delivery. In any case, we never lose our quality and not just that, we also make sure that our customers get the best from us. Customer satisfaction is always on priority, we offer different packing options and a variety of spice, according to the customer’s requirement. From the zipper bags to the sealed box, we deliver our high-quality natural mace spice and make sure that our customers enjoy the original flavor. As we know that in various dishes, mace spice is one of the important ingredients which is used to enhance the food taste. You can buy high-quality mace spice from us as it is one of the natural herbs that are valuable in the medicine and cooking field.

Incredible Health Benefits Of Mace Spice

  • Organic mace spice has several benefits and the most important of them is that it keeps the digestive system healthy. Herbal medication deals with the leading mace spice exporters to have high-quality natural mace spice in bulk at the most competitive price. As it is best for relieving problems like bloating, constipation, and stomach gas. Moreover, it is also best for regulating the movements of the bowel. You need to use organic mace spice to cure nausea issues and for diarrhea and flatulence treatment.
  • To boost blood circulation, doctors recommend patients to use mace spice in the food. The usage of natural mace spice keeps the skin and hair healthy. This also protects from infections and dangerous diseases. Mace spice increases blood circulation which prevents diabetes and other deathly illness.
  • Another surprising benefit of using mace spice, it acts as a stress buster. You should buy 100% pure mace spice from the renowned mace spice exporters to get high quality at a low price. It eliminates anxiety and tension effectively and also helps the user to feel peaceful and calm. It relieves mental exhaustion and also increases memory.
  • Just like cloves, organic mace spice also ensures good dental health as well. Bad breath is eradicated by using this and also protects your teeth from many dental problems. This is one of the best natural remedies for aching gums and toothaches. Many kinds of toothpaste companies also use mace spice.
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