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Nam Dok Mai Mangoes

H.S. Code: 0804.50.20

Description:  Golden Yellow Nam Dok Mai Mango, the most famous mango of Thailand, deliciously unique sweet juicy flesh when fully ripe (golden yellow will turn to more stronger to yellow orange) available in sizes from 2- 3 pcs. Per kg.

Origin: Thailand

Packing:  Customized packing in yellow net foam from 5 kgs. –  10 kgs. per box.

MOQ: 1 MT.

Delivery: Within 7 days after deposit  by air freight

Payment: By Bank transfer  50% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before shipment.



NAM DOK MAI Mango Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

The term “Nam Dok Mai” is derived from the Thai language and is known as “water of the flower,” not surprisingly, this variety of mango is considered the most exceptional one. We at Lintas Era Co., Ltd. supply the best NAM DOK MAI Mango For Export from Thailand, and it has a world-class taste and appearance that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re searching for premium quality mangoes, you have the finest Nam Dok Mai mangoes all the way from Thailand, and we’re the right way to reach them. We offer affordable prices and excellent fruit fresh from the farms.

Origination of Nam Doc Mai

Back in 1973, one of the best cultivators became popular from Thailand to Florida. It was the first time when sorted this variety of Asian Mangoes. For a good reason, it became known to all the mango lovers out there. The fruit has a sweet taste, firm in nature, and gives out the best aroma. Such fruit is suitable for small trees grown in the backyard. The mangoes are available in the markets of Japan, Europe, and hardly in the USA.

High-Quality Golden Nam Dok Mai Mango

We are exporting the High-Quality Golden Nam Dok Mai Mango, which is known as the finest dessert mangoes in Thailand. If they ripen, they look yellow to golden in color. Unlike other mangoes, it doesn’t have much fiber and gives out silky and smooth flesh. The flavor is rich and incredibly juicy.

Nam Dok Mai mangoes are considered the essence of all mangoes in the world, so that we may tag this variety as the ideal export option for Nam Dok Mai Mango for Suppliers because of its exceptional eating quality and outer appearance.

We are able to export fresh quality mangoes in bulk for almost a whole year; then, we collect the harvested mangoes from the qualified farm by experienced workers. Once they finish the process of packing, then we store mangoes in temperature-stored storage with an optimum temperature range.

Buy Best Nam Dok Mai Mango

Throughout many parts of Asia, in Thailand, we sell concerning people’s demand in terms of quality. Our suppliers offer negotiable prices to our valuable customers buying in bulk, and we deliver in multiple countries, especially Indonesia and USA.

Our fruit has a lesser quantity of hair so that you can enjoy the pulp a bit more with its smooth texture. Many people like to eat fresh Nam Dok Mai mangoes, while others consume them by making warm dishes, milkshakes, and mojitos. It is ideal for making several types of desserts and smoothies. In Thailand, other than traditional dishes, mango sticky rice is the most popular one made out of these mangoes.

After obtaining our bulk batches of mangoes from our partner manufacturers, we clean them or sometimes go for sanitization to get rid of unwanted dirt. The ripened mangoes are packed in cartons carefully and shipped to various countries to export top-quality Nam Dok Mai supplies. 

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