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Organic Dried Stevia

H.S. Code: 0604.90.90  (Dried Leaves)

H.S. Code: 1302.19.90 (Powder)

Description: Organic dried stevia from organic farm, wind dried to drain the water and further process in closed processing house.  Multi purposes edible sweet-flavored leaves from which sweetener can be extracted.

Origin: Thailand

Packing: 100 gms. in Aluminum Foil bag and put in corrugated box 5 kgs. per box. .  Packing can be customized in bulk as per customers’ requirement.

MOQ: 100 kgs.

Delivery: Within 7 days after deposit

Payment: By Bank transfer  30-50% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before Shipment



Organic Dried Stevia Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

Organic Dried Stevia Supplier is the first choice for nutrition-conscious target groups because it contains no calories and has no effect on blood sugar levels. We have been the only place to get liquid or dry organic stevia tea infusion, which is already a favorite ingredient among key industries and brands worldwide in the Food and Beverage industry due to its ease of use and versatility.

We collaborate with you to develop market innovations and find the best organic stevia product as a natural sweetener for your specific needs.

What Makes Our Bulk Organic Dried Stevia Supplier the Best?

Stevia Leaf has gained popularity in recent years due to its naturally sweet taste and lack of calories, making it ideal for those trying to control their weight and sugar intake. We are a certified Stevia exporter, happily offering Stevia leaf in powdered and extract forms, and we sell certified organic dried Stevia in bulk.

Stevia rebaudiana products are available with us. Our suppliers maintain the highest standards of excellence in our products as one of the largest exporters of organic dried Stevia in Thailand and Indonesia. By conducting a keen inspection of our products, we make them available to the public.

Usage Of Organic Stevia

Stevia Leaf, botanically known as Stevia rebaudiana, is known by the common names sweet leaf, honey leaf, sweet herb of Paraguay, Kaa he-he, and sugar leaf. It’s a sugar substitute. The Stevia plant is an annual that requires bright sunlight and moist soil to thrive.

Stevia sweeteners are zero-calorie sweeteners that can be used to reduce added sugar intake while still providing satisfaction from the taste of something sweet. On the other hand, some sweeteners in this category are low-calorie (e.g., aspartame) and others are no-calorie (e.g., stevia sweeteners, monk fruit sweeteners, and sucralose); they are frequently referred to collectively as sugar substitutes, high-intensity sweeteners, non-nutritive sweeteners, or low-calorie sweeteners.

Some Interesting Facts About Stevia

  •         Stevia is grown mainly in Brazil, Paraguay, Japan, and China.
  •         The natural sweetener has a 200 to 300-fold sweeter taste than table sugar.
  •         Because the calories per serving are so low, Stevia can be classified as “zero-calorie.”
  •         It has demonstrated potential health benefits as a sugar substitute for diabetics.
  •         Stevia and erythritol are both FDA-approved sweeteners that do not appear to pose any health risks when used in moderation.

What Are the Health Benefits of Powdered Organic Stevia Leaves?

To begin with lintaserath, Stevia contains various essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. These nutrients are necessary for the human body’s development and maintenance. Second, unlike sugar, Stevia is not harmful to the teeth. Finally, using Stevia lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Organic stevia products are available in various forms, including dried organic stevia leaves, finely ground Wholesale Bulk Supplier of Organic Stevia Extract Powder, and liquid extract. Organic stevia products are 100 percent natural sweeteners, with no additives and are quickly becoming a favorite ingredient for the food industry.

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