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Organic Stevia: What Should You Know Before Use?

Stevia is a sugar alternative composed of leaves of the stevia plant. It’s approximately 100 to 300 times sweeter, unlike table sugar. However, it has no calories, carbohydrates, or artificial ingredients.

Not everybody likes the way it flavors and tastes. Some suppliers find it unpleasant, but other Organic Dried Stevia suppliers consider stevia tastes like menthol. To find out how it tastes and it is not healthy or not, read the article below and try it with your morning coffee and oatmeal to know its taste.

Types of Stevia

Liable on the level of manufacturing, Organic Dried Stevia suppliers stevia is present in three forms.

  • Green Leaf Stevia: This is the minimum treated form of Stevia. It is 30-40 times sugary than sugar and is also, to some extent, bitter to taste.
  • Stevia Extracts: Its residue is 200 times sweetened than sugar and relatively less harsh to green leaf stevia.
  • Altered Stevia: This is the higher deal with a form of Stevia that comprises GMO ingredients. It is 200-400 times sugary than sugar and is frequently labeled the worst stevia form.

Nutritional Value of Stevia

Stevia is appreciated most for its sugary taste, which marks it proficient in substituting sugar in a diet. Significantly, it also has a meager calorific count in the ‘no-calorie food zone.

There hasn’t been sufficient investigation done on the nutritional value of Stevia. Presently, its leaf is not recognized as having nutrients other than carbohydrates and the earlier stated stevia glycosides.

Health Benefits of Stevia

The health advantages of Stevia comprise weight loss, diabetes management, skincare, and much more. Let us discover some of its health benefits in points.

·         May Help Control Diabetes

The most extensively acclaimed feature of Stevia for human health concerns is its capacity to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It is a perfect sugar substitute usually best for diabetics or people on carbohydrate-controlled diets. It allows them to eat sweet foods without worrying about diabetic problems.

·         May Aid in Weight Loss

Stevia is maybe low in calories and is far sweeter than sugar, about 40-300x sweeter—the sweetness depending on the occurrence of specific excerpts in the species range.

·         May Regulate Blood Pressure

Stevioside is a type of glycoside. Some of the glycosides present in Stevia relax the increased urination, blood vessels and facilitate the removal of sodium from the body.

·         Possible Anticancer Potential

The probably rich source of antioxidant combinations in Stevia makes it a perfect dietary addition for eliminating several cancers, including pancreatic cancer.

·         May Lower Cholesterol Levels

The consumption of Stevia is a substantial decrease in bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and an increase in HDL cholesterol ranks, which is healthy cholesterol and is vital for a worthy lipid summary.

·         May Aid in Maintaining Oral Health

Stevia has decreases bacterial formation in the mouth, making it a common additive for toothpaste and mouthwashes.

·         May Prevent Osteoporosis

It helps in increasing bone mineral concentration and treats osteoporosis.

·         May Help Improve Skin Care

Stevia is helpful against skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

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