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Your true partner in Excellence

Lintas Era Co., Ltd. (Lintas Era), established in 2009, domiciled in Thailand with operation in Indonesia, focuses on high-quality agricultural imports and export. Our managerial team has more than 15-20 years of experience, and we aim to bring our customer base the highest quality agricultural products while improving the life of local farmers in Thailand and Indonesia by providing them with product knowledge.

We have a wide range of suppliers, exporters, vendors, and dealers who know how to improve quality efficiently to meet the standard and to assure farmers get a fair market price. For this, our Agarwood Mesh Powder offers valuable mesh powder to different parts of the world. We operate in two countries, i.e., Thailand and Indonesia.

If you are looking for quality coconut shell charcoal, our Coconut Shell Charcoal enables you to get the best quality agricultural products. Not just this, but Fresh Ginger Exporters fulfill all your quality vegetable needs meanwhile matching the high-quality standards with competitive prices; our agricultural products are exported worldwide.

Other than healthy products, we have authentic Betel nuts to get you top-quality betel nuts. At the same time, for our valuable customers, the hardworking Dried Butterfly Pea Flower exports quality products who are well-known supplier of edible dried butterfly pea flowers.

Furthermore, our Organic Dried Stevia, an Organic Dried Chamomile, exports beneficial products from herbal plants to provide you with the most beneficial herbal products.

Lintas Era is poised to be Your True Partner in Excellence that wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing products at affordable prices. With our solid network with farmers, packing houses, and suppliers in Thailand or Indonesia, we implement the extensive experience of our key management

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