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Agarwood: The Classification, Use, And Benefits


Agarwood is a part of aromatic agarwood tress’s wood. These trees types of woods are primarily present in the genus Aquilaria, present in Vietnam, south China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Lao, Thailand, India, and Burma.  Agarwood Mesh Powder Supplier aromatic wood forms when the lesions on the tree’s trunk make the lesion due to weather conditions, effects of insects, and microorganisms during the growth process. These lesions are stored with oil and produce aromatic wood.

Moreover, they are known as eaglewood, aloeswood, or hardwood is an aromatic dark sticky wood used in incense, scent, and small carvings. The resin-embedded wood is famous in Indian-North Eastern culture for its typical fragrance and thus is used for infuriating and scents.

For many years, agarwood has been used for therapeutic purposes and is essential in Tibetan, Ayurvedic, and Traditional East Asian Medicine. Today, you can find them easily in the market in different forms such as oil, powder, wood, plant, etc. has been used for many health aids and treatment of numerous illnesses. Here is the list of classification, benefits, and uses of these aromatic woods.

Classification of agarwood

These aromatic woods are highly beneficial and have multiple uses in the medical field. Further, they divide into  four classifications such as:

  • Ky Nam: this is one of the most luxurious and expensive types containing a high amount of essential oil and has a sweet, aromatic, spicy, and bitter flexible taste.
  • Tram Re: they are present in tree roots underwater. Also, they are challenging to find.
  • Tram Kien: they are rare and precious and usually formed by perforated ants on the trunk.
  • Tram Toc: it is a dense substance with low oil content and no holes.

The benefits and uses of agarwood

Agarwood Mesh Powder Supplier aromatic wood has numerous benefits and uses such as:

  1. East Asian Medicine:

Agarwood is helpful as a traditional East Asian Medicine to encourage the flow of qi, arrest vomiting by warming the stomach, relieve pain, and relieve asthma.

  1. Chinese Medicine:

High-grade agarwood powder is beneficial for making Chinese Medicine. It helps in making pharmaceutical tinctures.

  1. Use as Cream:

Malaysians use agarwood blend with coconut oil as a cream. Similarly, Indians and Chinese also use agarwood oil in their traditional Medication as a cream to treat several skin diseases.

  1. Rheumatism:

Agarwood oil is beneficial in a boiled mixture to treat rheumatism and other body pain.

  1. Jaundice:

The Kayu gaharu lemppong by Malaysians helps cure jaundice and body pains.

  1. Smallpox and Abdominal Pain:

Agarwood is helpful as a complex ointment for smallpox and several abdominal complaints.

  1. Pleurisy:

It’s beneficial for the treating of pleurisy quickly.

  1. Nervous System Disorders:

When used in aromatherapy, agarwood oil may support in treating anxiety, depression, stress, and other nervous system disorders.

  1. Liver and Kidney:

Agarwood oil also treats cirrhosis of the liver and kidney complications.

  1. Lung and Stomach Tumours:

Agarwood oil is beneficial for curing lung and stomach tumors.

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