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How To Make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea?

Butterfly pea flower tea is a herbal tea that has multiple benefits and no chemicals involved—these drinks are composed of dried butterfly pea flowers soaked in water. Butterfly pea flower Suppliers supply them from a plant called Clitoria ternatea that’s natural to Southeast Asia. It’s caffeine-free, and these flowers are deep blue with a tinge of purple that colors and tastes the water. Moreover, the color goes from blue to purple when the pH level changes.

Also, these are highly beneficial flowers and contain antioxidants that support protecting your body from cell harm. But how are they helpful to use, and how can we use them. Here are some of the processes to make the butterfly pea flower and its nutritional value.

Nutrients in butterfly pea flower

Butterfly pea flowers are full of anthocyanin compounds called Ternatins, which give the plant its lively hue Test-tube researchers propose that Ternatins can ease inflammation and stop cancer cell growth. Moreover, the plant comprises several other antioxidants, such as:

  • This composite has been studied widely for its cancer-fighting features. Test-tube researches show that it may kill off cancer cells.
  • p-Coumaric acid. Few studies show that p-coumaric acid could have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects, supporting protection against disease.
  • Delphinidin-3,5-glucoside. one study states that this antioxidant may rouse immune function and reason of cell death in colorectal cancer cells.


STEP 1: Boil water.

Water quality is vital with tea; the better the water quality, the more enriched the tea flavor. Always use filtered water if possible. If you’re using an electronic kettle with a temperature setting as I do, set it to 208°F. Then, you can use boiling hot water. Boil further water so that you can use it to warm up the teapot.

STEP 2: Warm up the teapot.

Transfer some hot water into the teapot and swirl it about a bit to warm the temperature. Abandon water. When the teapot is hot, the tea won’t cool down as quickly while it’s brewed.


add butterfly pea flower tea into a teapot and add hot water.

Mix the pea flower and the hot water.


Shelter teapot and steep for 5 minutes.

The least steep time for herbal tea is 5 minutes. You can sheer for longer without the tea receiving bitter, contrasting green tea.


Strain butterfly pea flowers and pour hot tea into a teacup.

In this step, you can stain the flower from the tea and even add lemon to it for taste. Also, you notice a color change when you add lemon to it.

Does butterfly pea flower have any side effects?

Nutritionists usually consider butterfly pea flowers safe when consumed in moderation. There are anecdotal reports of side effects like stomach pain, nausea,  and diarrhea following the ingesting of butterfly pea flower, but there is no study to sustain these effects. However, if you have causal health conditions or are taking any medicines, you should exchange them with your doctor before using butterfly pea flowers or other herbal goods.

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