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Multiple Health Risk By Consuming Betel Nut

The seed of an areca palm is known as Betelnut or the areca nut. It grows in tropical parts of the Asia Pacific and eastern Africa. It is chewed, frequently in combination with other elements like tobacco, and is said to have both stimulating and relaxation properties. The tradition of chewing betel nut is often passed down in children and is a part of the social culture.

Nowadays, Betel nut suppliers combine the combination of tobacco and Betel Nut. In some cultures, the betel nut is integrated with tobacco to chew. Also, it is mixed with a betel leaf and the mineral lime.  It raises its addictive properties and its health risks. The risks for assured cancers significantly increase when mixed with tobacco. Is Betel Nut a Problem in the US?  The Betel nut is typical in the US for immigrant people. In Vermont, its status is growing among migrants who bring the practice from their home culture. Let’s look at some of the health risks and uses and effectiveness of the betel nut.

Does betel nut have Addictive Properties?

Areca nut is deliberated the fourth most generally consumed psychoactive material globally, led only by nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine comprising beverages. Areca nut users report an amplified sense of well-being and euphoria, stamina, a soothing effect in the digestion, and defense of the mouth and gums. In addition, areca nut chewing calls for warm sensations of the body, salivation, sweating, palpitation and heightened alertness, and tolerance to hunger. All these neurological effects advise that chemicals in the areca nut affect the autonomic nervous system at numerous levels. So, they usually alter the mind and thoughts, and if you consume them daily in a high amount, they are highly addictive.

Uses and Effectiveness?

There is an insufficient indication for its effectiveness and use, but some of them are

  • Early suddies advise that chewing betel nut may decrease symptoms in some people with schizophrenia. But using betel nut for a prolonged duration can be unsafe.
  • Taking a betel nut extract solution might develop strength, speech, and bladder function in persons who have had a stroke.
  • They are aiding indigestion.
  • Other conditions.

Health risk of betel nut

Multiple health Risks Betel nut may be sold as an indigestion remedy or taken for mild pain-killing properties. Still, Betel nut suppliers suggest that they have other far more dangerous effects on your health. These include specific tooth damage, cancers, and risk to babies if chewed during pregnancy.

  • Betel nut and tobacco can source precancerous lesions (wounds) in the mouth. These can perform as red or white patches in the mouth or throat.
  • When combined, Betel nut and tobacco raise the risk of pregnancy problems
  • Betel nut and tobacco can cause staining teeth black, tooth damage, or even causing them to fall out.
  • Betel nut and tobacco is the reason that leads to cancers like Oral cancer – Cancer in the lip, tongue, mouth, and pharynx. Also, it causes cancer of the esophagus (throat) and Stomach cancer
  • Betel nut and tobacco can source nicotine addiction, one of the toughest addictions to quit.
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