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Agarwood Powder

Product   HS Codes:  00.00
Item: LE 018-1
Type:  100%  Dried
Drying  Processing:  Sun Dried
Packing:  25 Kgs. in white PP bag
MOQ:  1 x 40’ FCL HC    12 MT
Lead  time: 15-30 days after receiving deposit
Payment:  30% deposit upon order confirmation, balance by L/C  At Sight  or by bank transfer



Get 100% Pure Agarwood From The Best Agarwood Mesh Powder Supplier

Lintas Era is an experienced agarwood mesh powder supplier who has been supplying 100% pure agarwood mesh powder to customers since 2009. Our experience matters for the customers who are looking to put high-quality and pure agarwood mesh powder into their cart. We offer different types of agarwood from the raw agarwood to the dried powder form of agarwood. We, the leading agarwood mesh powder supplier, provides pure high-quality mesh powder to customers all over the world. You can place an order easily and receive the purest agarwood just in few days. The spiritual incense pure agarwood powder is grounded from natural agarwood with relaxing smells. Organic agarwood aroma is a powdered fresh aroma incense for spiritual activism.

Buy Organic Agarwood With The Sensational Scent

Our customers are provided with a pure advanced range of agarwood which is obtained from organic agarwood. Our precious agarwood varieties are known for their high-quality, rich aroma and huge applications. Being the top agarwood mesh powder supplier, we highly focus on the product quality before delivering to the customers, and for this, all our products go through a strict quality inspection process, which eliminates any low-quality and just provide pure agarwood mesh powder to customers just the way they want. Our superior agarwood varieties are very fine, well-packed, and supplied to several customers on a large market scale. Our organic agarwood products are high in demand and offer at an attractive market price range. We provide advanced quality organic agarwood at a surprisingly low price with a 100% guarantee of purity.

In the making of sticks, we engaged to provide the best commercial agarwood dust to customers. Our organic products are fresh, pure, and processed using methods of superior manufacturing. Sensational scents of our organic agarwood fresh up the mood and feel relaxing. They are best in quality, high in demand, and highly appreciated by our commercial customers. Varieties of agarwood are very useful. We provide agarwood in various natural shades of mesmerizing smell at attractive market prices.

Get Either Powder Or Oil Of Agarwood With Several Benefits

As the renowned agarwood mesh powder supplier, Lintas Era is supplying natural agarwood powder, which is now commonly used for the distillation of oils. We offer virgin powder of agarwood distilled from the mature tree of Aquilaria Subintegra. It is rich, thick, and dark brown but not sticky. It also provides several skin benefits. We also processed agarwood trees with the guarantee of the purity and provide natural healthy oil, which is one of the most expensive natural products. You will be surprised to hear that we offer a great range of agarwood oil at a very affordable price.

Why Buying Agarwood From Lintas Era Is Worthy?

Lintas Era stands out among other suppliers as we focus on customer satisfaction and provide them the agarwood mesh powder they need as customer satisfaction is our priority. To accomplish our company purpose, we constantly work on our product innovation, embrace the concepts of a dynamic market, and keep our products organic, fresh, pure, and updated with new technologies. Quality checking, production, financing, well-packaging, and marketing are some operations that we especially focused on and well-handled. We offer all organic agarwood products that are 100% pure at a very reasonable price. Moreover, we also offer discount packages in festivals and special events.

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