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Betel Leaves

H.S. Code: 0709.60.90

Description:  Fresh from farm betel leaves available in sizes S, M, L

Origin: Thailand

Packing: In bundle and put in either plastic, foam  or corrugated boxes 5, 7, 12 kgs per pack.

MOQ: 500 kgs

Delivery: Within 7 days after deposit  by air freight

Payment: By Bank transfer  30% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before



Betel Leaves Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

You may have seen Betel Leaf being sold around you. Have you ever tried to know its practical uses and where it originated? We’re the most successful Betel Leaf Supplier exporting high-quality leaves through Indonesia and Thailand.

Betel leaf is a herb also known as piper sarmentosum or pan patta. The herb is a common spice in Southeast Asian cuisine. The betel leaves are used fresh, raw, and uncooked. The leaves are most commonly used to wrap spiced minced meat but can also be used as a stimulant or medicinally.

Our manufacturer’s farm is able to grow beautiful, large, dark green betel leaves all year round by utilizing our country’s unique weather and soil conditions. We can ship the herb 365 days a year because we are a large herb supplier. We bundle the freshly picked leaves loosely in bundles with each order.

History Of Betel Leaf Pan Patta

Betel leaf, generally known as pan patta, has been popular since ancient times in South Asia. Nobel people like kings and the common public used to chew betel leaves. Moreover, the usage of betel includes ayurvedic medicine and Chinese fold medicine to treat many disorders and illnesses due to its powerful detoxification, anti mutation, and antioxidation properties.

Betel leaf is mostly consumed in Asia and by some Asian immigrants worldwide. It is generally known as betel quid or Paan, always in combination with tobacco, in an addictive euphoria-inducing and psych-stimulating formulation with adverse health effects. The betel leaf is most commonly consumed as betel quid or paan, a substance mixture. The paan almost entirely consists of a betel leaf, two primary ingredients, areca nut or tobacco, sweetener, and lime (calcium hydroxide or calcium carbonate).

Features Of Buying Our Betel Leaves

  • They are stacked properly when shipping.
  • Improved flavor
  • Freshly picked and selected leaves
  • Quality Product

Wholesale Supplier of Betel Leaf

Lintas Era Co. is one of the leading products. Our main motive is to provide the best products to customers, focusing on top-quality manufacturing products globally. We are the old name in the industry and a successful Wholesale Supplier of Betel Leaf with a vast area of knowledge in the field of trading.

Betel leaves stimulate circulation and the intestines, allowing vital vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed. Our Betel Leaf Pan Patta Supplier provides excellent quality products in multiple countries with the goal of having outclass customer satisfaction.

Buying our quality wholesale Betel leaf can be good option for you because it works as a significant analgesic that gives you instant relief from pain. If you get a cut or a bruise, it helps in relieving the pain faster. Not only for external uses, but it can be used to alleviate pain internally as well.

Moreover, it supports overcoming the issues such as colds and coughs. For those who regularly have asthma, lung congestion, and chest problems, it can be an effective cure. It is being widely used as a natural remedy for stimulating the system of the central nervous system. 


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