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HS Codes:  0908.11.00
Product  description:   Nutmeg are an important spice being used for seasoning soup, sauces, vegetables, meat and fish dishes,  for sausage products,  used in baking, liqueur production,  tobacco, in food industry and for the production of essential oils.

Specification:   Available with shell in AB and ABCD quality

Color:  Light Brown

Shape:  Oval

Type:  Dried

Drying Process:  Air Dried




Processing Type:  Raw

Moisture:    10%   Max.

Impurity:   0.5%  Max.

Origin:   Indonesia

Packing:  50 kgs. bags.

MOQ:   5 MT

Lead Time:   With 3-4 weeks after receiving deposit

Payment:    30 % deposit upon order confirmation,  balance by L/C At Sight or bank transfer

Nutmeg Spice  Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

Nutmeg is a seed harvested from evergreen trees that are very popular in the cooking and herbal medication industry. Lintas Era co., ltd is one of the renowned spice companies, as we harvest, manufacture, process, and supply the 100% pure nutmeg spice. Lintas era Nutmeg spice suppliers are an independent spice company that also certifies that our company is free from chemical and artificial fertilizers. You can get organic nutmeg spices as we do not use any of the additional color, flavor, or chemical in the production of these spices. You can buy nutmeg popular stem spice for many uses in cooking. Our organic nutmeg spice has a nutty and sweet natural flavor, lends an awesome to sweet dishes and savory like soups, casseroles, lattes, eggnog, and pies, etc. You can buy our nutmeg spice for adding lip-smacking flavor to your food. If your food is a little boring or feels like low spice, you need to add just a few pinches of nutmeg spices to boost up the flavors.

Why Should You Consider Buying Nutmeg From Lintas Era?

The mission of our company is to provide high-quality spices and herbs all over the world at a fair price. Nutmeg spice suppliers offer quantity, quality, and variety at a surprising rate to our customers. Our spice works very well with foods and in many desserts in adding mouth-watering flavor and aroma. Lintas Era also provides the spices in bulk, accept urgent nutmeg spices orders, and online service for supplying these spices worldwide in all situations, our company never neglect the quality of the spice and services. We provide high-quality nutmeg in whole and ground forms. Nutmeg is one of the most expensive herbs used around the world. Our company offers nutmeg spice at the most competitive price and also offers several packages to customers.

Get The Pure Nutmeg Spice For Various Purposes

Nutmeg spice is an expensive and a special kind of herb that has high demand due to its low availability. Nutmeg is a solid nut that is light brown in color and oval. It makes a flavorful addition to any cider mixes. Lintas Era offers both nutmegs include high-quality whole nutmeg in solid form and ground nutmeg spice. Both types used in various applications, for example:

  • Seasoning soup
  • Flavoring vegetables
  • Sauces
  • Fish and meat dishes
  • Sausage products
  • In baking
  • Tobacco
  • Production of liqueur
  • Essential oils production

Some Great Applications For Bulk Ground Nutmeg

Nutmeg spice is harvest from the same plants as mace, the ground nutmeg is more mild and friendly for most people. Bulk nutmeg has a similar flavor to cinnamon. The taste of nutmeg is not intense. Spicy, tempting, and attractive, nutmeg spice is one of the must-have spices, especially for virtually any baking, cooking, or roasting business. If you are looking where to buy bulk ground nutmeg, we, Lintas Era Nutmeg spice suppliers have a great collection of bulk nutmeg spice at the lowest prices. Also, we provide online services for worldwide customers. Nutmeg spice suppliers offer several benefits like bulk ground nutmeg of high-quality at a reasonable price. We also offer free shipping, you can order and tell your requirements online. Get 100% pure bulk nutmeg at your doorstep with any extra delivery charges or shipping charges.

We offer a bulk amount of spices for usage in many special applications like:

  • Sprinkled nutmeg spice over beverage is high in demand like on tea or foamy coffee drinks and eggnog etc.
  • Commonly used in desserts like pumpkin pie or apple pie
  • Pair this nutmeg spice with cheese dished to highlight other flavors
  • Usually used in spice blends like curry or seven Moroccan spice.
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