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Organic Dried Chamomile

H.S. Code: 0603.19.00

Description:   Known as traditional medicinal herb popular in the western world, our organic dried chamomile were dried from organic fresh chamomile flowers planted in organic farm free from pollution in the northern part of Thailand.

Origin: Thailand

Packing: 100 gms. In Aluminum Foil Bag and put in corrugated box, 5 kgs. per box.  Packing can be customized in bulk as per customers’ requirement.

MOQ: 100 kgs.

Delivery: With 7 days after deposit.

Payment: By Bank transfer  30-50% deposit upon order confirmation and balance before shipment.



Organic Dried Chamomile supplier

Chamomile is a gentle herb that has been used for eras and is so prevalent throughout most of the world. We bring the most genuine organic dried chamomile supplier that harvests the flowers at the peak of freshness. It is commonly consumed as tea for calming purposes and soothes the digestive tract. One more interesting thing is that it is gentle enough to be given to babies.

In various body lotions or hair products, Chamomile is a crucial ingredient as a skin conditioner. In the Latin Language, we can call it Matricaria Recutita and its synonym, Matricaria chamomilla. German Chamomile, Hungarian Chamomile, mayweed, sweet false Chamomile, and true Chamomile are all familiar names.

Multiple Uses of Organic Chamomile Flower

When it comes to gathering the usage of Organic Chamomile Flowers, they are numerous! It is most commonly used for making fresh and organic herbal tea. Because Chamomile has been known for its calming properties, usually, you get this herbal tea in loose-leaf and tea bag packets. The chamomile plant can yield incredible health benefits with just some hot water and a tea strainer.

Many people use these dried flowers in a variety of other ways. Chamomile can be found in homemade shampoos, lotions, conditioners, bath blends, and other skincare products. Chamomile flowers’ sweetness makes them an ideal addition to desserts and blended drinks, or energise up breakfast by mixing them with oatmeal or cereals.

Matricaria Recutita powder can be infused into shampoo to promote healthy hair and smell fantastic. Using dried chamomile flowers as a wash or a compress is also common. Also, many people add Chamomile Powder to bath water to soothe and calm through aromatherapy. You can find fresh chamomile flowers in Eastern Europe, North America, as well as Africa, and Asia.

Purchase Our Whole Chamomile Flower

Our lintaserath Chamomile flower is a gentle floral herb with numerous skin and body benefits. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which help soothe and repair the skin. It can also help to relax and calm muscles. We offer a 100% guarantee for our dried chamomilla, a well-known blossom in the herbal world and renowned for its gentle actions. The preparation of German Chamomile as an infusion of chamomile tea and the usage of flowers are more common in hair and skin care recipes.

Why Use Organic Chamomile Flower?

Selling the best quality chamomile flower makes us the trusted suppliers all over Thailand and Indonesia. We ensure top-quality products for our valuable customers. We are working diligently to be your faithful partner in excellence, thanks to our strong network of farmers, packing houses, and exporters in Thailand and Indonesia, as well as the extensive experience of our key management.

We bring you the goodness of 100% Organic Chamomile Flowers that are preservative-free, chemical-free, fragrance, and artificial colours. It is hand-plucked and sun-dried by our farmer partners from where we obtain it for you to enjoy the best of nature without worrying about its source or composition.

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