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Semi Husked Matured Coconut

HS Code : 0801.19.90

Product Description:   Our coconut are from the biggest and the best coconut plantation in Sumatra Island, Indonesia.  We pay attention from the first stage by cooperating with highly experience coconut farmers to make sure coconut are fully matured and process to semi husked coconuts properly .

Specification:  Sizes of our coconuts are from 800 grms.-1.2 kgs. And above per piece.

Origin:       Thai/Indonesia

Packing:    In Mesh Bag 40 kgs. per bags

MOQ:       1 x 20’ FCL    15 MT   or   1  X 40’ FCL   27 MT

Delivery:   With 3-4 weeks after receiving deposit

Payment:   T/T 50% deposit upon order confirmation, balance before loading.


Semi Husked Matured Coconut Suppliers, Exporters, Distributors, Traders From Thailand

Lintas Era was established in 2009; it consists of a trusted Semi Husked Matured Coconut Supplier. We are serving several small and big companies or businesses in many parts of the world, especially in Indonesia. We provide a premium quality range of coconut with the aim of providing the firms with the commodities they demand along with ease.

Coconuts are rich in nutrition and fiber and packed with necessary vitamins as well as minerals. Our high-quality coconut is the main ingredient that is the source of consumption from culinary creation to many beauty products.

We are one of the leading exporters and suppliers of high-quality coconut to the global market by fulfilling the international standards of quality. Because of the widespread coconut cultivation, we have the potential to supply these in massive quantities.

What Is a Semi-Husked Coconut?

You might have seen or eaten coconuts, but you don’t know what semi-husked coconuts are. They have fully matured coconuts, but the husk remains intact over the coconut’s “eyes” during de-husking. This is a sensitive area; by protecting it, we can extend the shelf life of the coconut by preserving the area prone to decay.

  1. Guaranteed Purity

Our Semi Husked Matured Coconut Supplier makes sure to supply top-quality coconuts characterized by accurate harvesting age, appropriate size, high mass, good shelf life, and sealed packaging by our manufacturers. These healthy coconuts are handpicked by experienced farmers from lush green farms in Thailand and exported worldwide.

  1. Quality Product

Our company invests efforts in every step of our customer’s orders to deliver grade A coconuts that are desirable and best in price. We are also concerned about sending the product promptly to the clients as promised.

  1. Competitive Price

We offer such negotiable prices to our customers that are the most competitive in the market and affordable for them, making the process a win-win for everyone.

Why trust our Mature Coconut Supplier?

Intending to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly products to our customers, our company has worked hard to create high-quality semi-husked mature coconut from 100% coconut shell material. Not just this, but we have always been accomplished in gaining the trust of our valuable customers.

Every other day, our storage house receives a large number of coconuts for exporting due to the abundant supply of coconut shells. When orders arrive, we always work at total capacity to avoid late shipments and make our customers wait even a minute. We believe in full transparency and high productivity.

The suppliers work to beat the high demand for coconuts in international markets. Our offered product is best in taste and has an optimum quality within the nominal market price range.

  •         Rich nutritional benefits
  •         Long shelf life
  •         Multiple uses
  •         Sweet and delicious to eat

Coconuts have a long history of valuable fruit for their nutritional and medicinal properties. It is also known as a Fruit of Life because it contains the maximum dietary values that a human requires to protect his body from diseases.

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